What is the First 1000 Days?

1000 days. Doesn’t sound like an awful lot does it? But the fact is that the first 1000 days of your little one’s life are a uniquely special time that can have a very real influence on how they develop, grow and learn — not just now, but for his or her whole life. Watch … read more >

homemade granola

Homemade Granola

Treat yourself this weekend, and make some of this delicious granola.  Even if you don’t have much faith in your cooking skills, trust me, this is easy and you will love it!


“Busy mums find this no added sugar breakfast keeps them brimming with energy right up until lunch!”

Ellen Roche, Dietician, Kilkenny.

40 servings

Note it is important to allow for the full baking time as a shorter time may result in the granola being too moist, therefore going off within a few days of storage.

Also a great nutritious afternoon snack.

Baby – Kiwi-Cado

“A quick and simple, nutritious and delicious snack for the little ones”

Jessica Schram, Paediatric Dietician, Dublin

Serves 6


An avocado is ripe when its skin turns from green to a dark brown/green color.

A ripe avocado should “give” slightly when it is gently squeezed.

Never refrigerate unripened (hard) avocados because they will not ripen in cold temperatures.

Unripened avocados are best stored in a cool dark place until they have ripened.

To speed up the ripening process you can put the avocado in a brown paper bag and it should ripen in 3-6 days.

If you add a tomato, apple or banana to a paper bag in which you have placed an avocado this will speed up the ripening process and will usually only take one to three days to ripen.

Healthy Pancakes

This recipe is a source of folate and high in B12 which helps to process folic acid.

Jennifer Luddy, Nutritionist, Danone Baby Nutrition

Serves 2

These pancakes can work savoury or sweet! Why not try other delicious toppings such as strawberries and raspberries (out of season you can use frozen berries) cheddar cheese and ham,cream cheese and spinach.