What is the First 1000 Days?

1000 days. Doesn’t sound like an awful lot does it? But the fact is that the first 1000 days of your little one’s life are a uniquely special time that can have a very real influence on how they develop, grow and learn — not just now, but for his or her whole life. Watch … read more >

Are you getting enough Folic acid ?

Have you heard about Folic Acid? It’s a B vitamin and is really important for all women before and during the early stages of pregnancy. It is usually better to get all the nutrients you need from eating whole foods rather than taking supplements or tablets, with one exception — Folic acid. For a healthy pregnancy, a folic acid supplement is recommended both before you become pregnant and for the first 12 weeks.

Festive Mocktail recipes

If you are avoiding alcohol this festive season it doesn’t mean you can’t treat yourself at a party or that you have to ring in the New Year with a glass of water! Here are a few tasty mocktail recipe ideas: Mojito Mocktail   75ml of apple juice 75ml of sparkling water 1 whole lime … read more >

Morning Sickness

Nausea and vomiting, or ‘morning sickness, can be common occurrences during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester. However, it can continue for longer than the first trimester. Although it is often called ‘morning sickness’, it can actually happen any time of the day.

Food Cravings, Aversions and ‘Pica’

It can be common for women to experience food cravings and aversions during pregnancy. The exact reason for food cravings and aversions is not scientifically known but it is thought to be associated with a change in hormonal levels that occur during pregnancy which can intensify your sense of smell and subsequently your desire for certain foods.

Aqua yoga for pregnancy

Aqua Yoga classes are designed for you to maintain your health & fitness, both emotionally & physically during this amazing journey to motherhood. Aqua Yoga helps prepare expectant mums for labour, relieves many of the discomforts of pregnancy and increases your energy levels in a supportive environment.