Aqua yoga for pregnancy

Aqua Yoga brings the perfect combination of the benefits that yoga & swimming can bring.

Aqua Yoga classes are designed for you to maintain your health & fitness, both emotionally & physically during this amazing journey to motherhood. Aqua Yoga helps prepare expectant mums for labour, relieves many of the discomforts of pregnancy and increases your energy levels in a supportive environment. You can attend classes as soon as you have had your 12 to 14 week  ante-natal check up.

What to expect in an Aqua Yoga Class


Yoga, movements in water: Simple, classic yoga poses that have been adapted for the pool, making exercise enjoyable for all pregnant women, particularly if they are suffering from backache or pelvic pain, or if they are overweight. Bodies in the water feel virtually weightless enabling deeper stretching. Spinal alignment and exercises to help open the hips and pelvis are part of each session.

Yoga breathing exercises: Deeper, more expansive breathing has many benefits for the mother and baby, and is of great importance through all stages of pregnancy, labour and birth. With practice, all the muscles of the pelvis become involved in full breathing, which provides a powerful tool in labour.

Relaxation: Aqua Yoga covers deep relaxation techniques. Floating in water offers a unique experience of unity, as the baby is suspended in water (amniotic fluid) inside the mother, so the mother can share this experience of hanging in water and connection with the baby.

Preparing for birth: Using the water as a medium to explore and expel fears attached to labour. Explore positions for labour, how to open the hips and pelvis allowing optimal space for the baby, prepare for delivery and birthing the baby.

Group work: To offer and receive support, and get to know the other expectant mothers in the group

Swimming: Swimming is one of the best forms of exercise available to pregnant women. Learn the correct adaptations of classic swimming strokes to accommodate the growing baby and support the pelvis and changes in the body.

Benefits of Aqua Yoga during pregnancy


Aqua Yoga Classes combine slow stretching with the use of breathing and relaxation as the water provides resistance for the muscles to work against. Bodies feel virtually weightless in water, so that stretches that might not be possible on the ground can be achieved without strain in the water.

Being in water whilst pregnant offers a sense of calmness and relaxation. The water supports the mother’s body and her growing baby enabling stretching and exercise in ways that cannot be achieved on land. Classes are excellent for swimmers and non-swimmers alike and especially those suffering from pelvic pain, backache and SPD.

For pregnant women in particular, pelvic movements and pelvic floor exercises in water using yoga principles create elasticity for childbirth. Some other benefits include:

  • water confidence in the beginning if necessary
  • gentle strengthening,
  • balance exercises
  • core stability
  • pelvic movement awareness
  • Kegel muscles strengthening – pelvic floor exercises,
  • all exercises are safe and within a comfortable range of movement


For more information, please contact Aquababies on  T: 01 853 2989  M: 087 697 9195 or

Classes are 45mins long over 4 week term and are currently held in Harold’s Cross medical hydrotherapy pool on Wednesdays at 6.30pm.

Enter code “1000Days” when booking online or mention it if booking directly through the office and receive a 10% discount on all Aquababies classes




Deirdre Casey, Aquababies

I am a mum of three young children and a qualified swimming teacher with Internationally recognised qualifications from the STA (Swimming teachers association) in baby and pre-school (birth-3years). I co-founded AquaKiddies/babies Ireland with my husband Phil. We aim to provide positive associations with swimming and the lessons are informative, friendly and lots of fun. We teach basic water safety and confidence techniques we are more than simply a splash and fun class – we aim to lay the foundations of future swimming. Along with our completed extensive training and continuing professional development with STA and Swim Ireland we have extensive hands on experience with hundreds of babies & toddlers in the pool each week.

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