What is the First 1000 Days?

1000 days. Doesn’t sound like an awful lot does it? But the fact is that the first 1000 days of your little one’s life are a uniquely special time that can have a very real influence on how they develop, grow and learn — not just now, but for his or her whole life. Watch … read more >

Pan fried mackerel with mash and tomato stew

Nowadays, you’ll often hear people on radio and television talking about ‘good fats’ and ‘bad fats’, and they urge you to eat more oily fish for your intake of ‘good fats’. Well, let me tell you, that mackerel is one of the best examples of a good oily fish. As well as this important health factor, mackerel is also great value for money and has a lovely meaty texture.

Serves 4

To Serve:

Place mashed potato in centre of plate and spoon some stewed tomatoes beside it. Place fish on the mash and drizzle with pesto.

Linguine with Salmon & Spinach Recipe

This recipe was chosen as a winning recipe in our Parents Recipe Competition

Author: Joanne Leonard, Meath

Serves 4

Note: This recipe is for planning pregnancy and breastfeeding. Smoked salmon is not suitable during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, use fresh salmon instead.

Mackerel Spread

Mackerel is a source of omega-3 fats, which are important for your baby’s brain and eye development. This spread is a suitable alternative to pate, which you need to avoid during pregnancy or breastfeeding.

Baby – Fish Cakes

These tasty little fish cakes were a firm favorite in my house when I was at the weaning stage.

Serves 8-10.

Tip! These fish cakes are a great way to introduce omega-3 and vitamin D-rich salmon into your baby’s diet!


“Busy mums find this no added sugar breakfast keeps them brimming with energy right up until lunch!”

Ellen Roche, Dietician, Kilkenny.

40 servings

Note it is important to allow for the full baking time as a shorter time may result in the granola being too moist, therefore going off within a few days of storage.

Also a great nutritious afternoon snack.