Pelvic floor exercises

By Maeve Whelan, Specialist Chartered Physiotherapist

The pelvic floor muscles are a sling of muscles attached from the pubic bone at the front to around the rectum at the back. Exercising the muscles both during pregnancy and after birth has been shown to have beneficial effects in prevention and treatment of urinary and bowel symptoms.

What is the First 1000 Days?

1000 days. Doesn’t sound like an awful lot does it? But the fact is that the first 1000 days of your little one’s life are a uniquely special time that can have a very real influence on how they develop, grow and learn — not just now, but for his or her whole life. Watch … read more >

Sleep tips for pregnancy

Achieving good sleep when you are pregnant can really be a challenge. It is usual in the first trimester to experience extreme tiredness and then you have the promise of the second trimester when you should begin to feel vital and well.  However, this isn’t always the case and as your pregnancy progresses and you … read more >

Third Trimester

The weeks seem to be flying by for me and with every week that passes I get a little bit more excited with a slight bit of apprehension thrown into the mix! I have an app on my iphone that beeps in with updates on my pregnancy which is really nice to read each week. … read more >

Healthier pregnancy treat!

I mentioned previously that I was really hungry during my first trimester, so it was often a struggle to stay on track with the right foods when I was tempted to eat anything just to fill myself up!  This lead me to look for healthy snacks –and let’s face it, there’s only so much fruit … read more >

Foods to Avoid and Limit During Pregnancy

During pregnancy there are some foods that need to be avoided or limited. Although they may usually be good for us or are things that we enjoy, certain foods can cause harm to you and your growing baby. Following these simple steps can help to keep you both healthy.

The first 5 months

Last week I became an ambassador for the First 1,000 Days movement alongside Maura Derrane and Neven Maguire. I’m really excited about being involved in this project. I’m currently 5 months pregnant and totally immersed in the world of being a mum to be, so having a resource to go to is really important to … read more >

Checklist for dads-to-be & new dads

Before baby arrives   Get to know as much as you can before baby arrives. Attend ante-natal classes with your partner and do some research of your own. Get to know the bump! Reading, singing and talking to your partner’s bump even before baby arrives will allow them to get to know your voice which … read more >