Checklist for dads-to-be & new dads

Before baby arrives


  • Get to know as much as you can before baby arrives. Attend ante-natal classes with your partner and do some research of your own.
  • Get to know the bump! Reading, singing and talking to your partner’s bump even before baby arrives will allow them to get to know your voice which will then help to comfort them once they arrive.
  • Stock up! Stock the house with cupboard essentials and fill the freezer so you have access to quick meals in the first few weeks. As well as food, stock up on nappies and things like baby wipes.
  • Keep the petrol tank full! You never know when you will need to make that midnight dash to the hospital – the last thing you want is to be low on petrol.
  • Pack your own hospital bag. It’s not just mum that will need a few essential items at the hospital, particularly if it is a long labour. Make sure you have any important documents such as insurance cards, some snacks so that you don’t have to leave the delivery room, cash, coins for parking, your mobile and charger and a basic wash kit.
  • Make sure you have the hang of the car seat before baby arrives to avoid any stress on the wonderful day of bringing baby home.

Once baby is here


  • Help out as much as possible. You will be exhausted and so will your partner. But try to support her as much as possible by making a few meals from your freezer stores and tidy around the house. Accept help from friends and family when they offer!
  • Support your partner while breastfeeding. Breastfeeding doesn’t mean that you can’t get involved. Support and help her as much as possible while she is feeding – this may be helping to get her comfortable with pillows, bringing her some water or making a snack. You can also wind baby after feeding and take other jobs such as nappy changing or bath time.
  • Make sure you get lots of skin-to-skin contact. Cuddling, bathing and holding them close to your chest will all help to bond and grow your relationship with your baby in the same way that breastfeeding does for mum.

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