Halloween tricks & pumpkin treats

Is it just me or has Autumn this year been completely dominated by Halloween and the Starbuck’s pumpkin spice latte? Everywhere I go I see Halloween paraphernalia and signs for this intriguing beverage and every minute of the day I long for its spicy, creamy goodness…   Clearly Halloween is fast attaining the same kind … read more >

Parent problem Googler!

At the beginning of this year, I wrote here about the dangers of Googling parental queries. It’s a pretty obvious one. Googling is like a red rag to a hypochondriac, if you’re anywhere near as hysterical as I am, a google too far and you could end up diagnosing bubonic plague when it’s just a runny nose. Guaranteed if you admit to others that you are a PPG (parenting problem Googler) it will be met with shrieks of “DON’T Google stuff!”

Henry on hunger strike

Henry is nearly a year and a half now, and he has become a complete non-eater. This is bizarre to me because obviously Tom and I are two of the greediest, food-obsessed, non-stop eaters you will ever meet. At meal times, we watch baffled as Henry rejects every single delicacy put in front of him. … read more >

Toddler on board!

Many times I witnessed the unfortunate ‘people with baby’ on a plane scenario and had roundly decided that no exotic location would ever be worth that torture. Then we had a couple of days sunshine here, which I found to be quite intoxicating and I was overcome with the urge to experience more good weather. This would require boarding a plane with baby Henry. I was terrified.

Back to work

When I was expecting Henry, I hadn’t a notion what to do about childcare after the baby came along. I knew that on my meager wage my options were limited. I did have a quiet thought that I might like to be a stay-at-home mum for a few years. I didn’t voice this pet plan. … read more >

Detox Disaster!

As much as I like to think of myself as immune to the diet trends last week I got sucked into the propaganda. Thanks to the meteoric rise of the Nutribullet cult all around me people seem to be drinking rather than eating their calories, of late. Last week, I was sitting next to a … read more >

Take on the Takeaway

For the entire first year of Henry’s life, I realize now, we were operating on a kind of emergency setting. 365 days of uncertainty and chaos. People kept talking to me about making a routine, bed times and budgeting. Unfortunately, this only inspired guilt in me and no real urge to follow any of their … read more >

First Trimester

So you know the bit in the movie when the girl goes “I have something to tell you…” Well for me it didn’t quite work like that. For starters when the moment came I was sadly unable to speak such was the severity of my shock. Tom just kind of had to piece it together … read more >

“It’s just a phase…”

After nearly a year as a parent I have finally learned the one thing you can count on as a parent and that is…nothing! Henry started crawling and I distinctly remember thinking to myself “great this will keep him occupied and I still have time before he is walking”. Wrong! Henry quickly tired of his … read more >

Chasing Henry

After the all out food-fest of Christmas I always go through a burst of sanctimonious healthy eating in January. This is spurred on by my increasingly tight pants and the ever expanding ‘muffin top’ though ‘mince pie top’ would be a more appropriate appellation for the unpleasant roll of fat around my middle. Henry has … read more >