Getting organised for baby’s arrival

I think I have had a blasé approach to getting organised for the arrival of the baby up until now. I just felt like I had so much time left and now all of a sudden the impending birth is only weeks away! I have entered ‘nesting mode’ with enthusiasm.

Last week I joked with my husband that the baby will have to sleep in a drawer and bathe in the sink as we didn’t yet have a crib or any other baby paraphernalia.

As panic mode quickly set in I dispatched my husband to IKEA and he spent the weekend carefully putting chests of drawers together. I then sent him to Galway to pick up a cot, bath and various other essentials that my sister has very kindly given me.

That sister is ‘the Wolf’ in our family. Remember Harvey Keitel’s character Winston Wolf in Pulp Fiction, the man they called when the problem was just too big to solve?  He was the ultimate fixer, who carried out the job with style and ease. Well Barbara is just like that. And she moves with speed. She arrived at my house with my other sister Roisin in tow and between them they have transformed the drab magnolia box room, which was filled with bags of makeup, clothes and zillions of pairs of shoes, into a baby bedroom masterpiece. Even the walls were embellished with perfect pictures I didn’t even know I possessed. I did choose the paint, it’s called Barbados Blue and I really like it. I don’t know if I am having a girl or a boy as I want it to be a surprise but subconsciously I must think it is a boy hence the choice of colour! It’s a gorgeous shade of blue with a hint of grey and if I have a girl, ‘The Wolf’ has decided that I can wallpaper one wall with girlie appropriate wallpaper and the problem will be solved. Every family needs a Wolf!

Thank god my sisters did come and organise me as I feel with everyday that passes it gets harder and harder to do simple tasks. I was so neat until a few months ago and all of a sudden I feel like I am balancing on stilts and my bump is enormous. Even simple tasks like tying my shoelaces seems like a chore. I am still suffering with heartburn and reflux and as a result I am eating a little and often as opposed to big, heavy meals.

And for me simple non-acidic and non-spicy food is best. For energy I am snacking on things like carrots dipped in hummus or a mashed avocado on brown bread or a cracker. If you can’t face too much food in the morning smoothies are a great idea. I love the No Fuss Fruit smoothie in the First 1000 Days cookbook.  It is packed with power foods like blueberries and flaxseed and soothing banana and natural yogurt.  It is great for energy.  Another recipe from the website that I am loving is the Speedy chicken and tomato pesto pasta. It has delicious and nutritious ingredients in it like spinach but it is also a simple recipe to follow and anything that is easy and also healthy is such a bonus.

My next task will be packing my hospital baby bag. I think I can do this one without the Wolf.

Maura Derrane

With a busy filming schedule from Monday to Friday on the RTE Afternoon Show and a baby in the house, my life is jam-packed at the moment. I almost can’t believe how quickly Cal continues to grow every day and the First 1000 Days acts as great roadmap through his journey, offering accessible, workable nutritional tips, recipes and advice for parents to be and new parents. Through my blog, I’ll be sharing some personal stories from my First 1,000 Days journey, which I hope will inspire others to take a few minutes each day to plan what they are going to feed their little ones. I hope you all enjoy reading it!

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