Learning to make friends

This time last year I was back at work and Cal had settled really well with the childminder.  He was only four months old when I went back to my job and although I was a bit apprehensive at first about giving him to a minder at such a tender age, I was thrilled at how well he settled.

Milestone Moments

Cal took his first steps two weeks ago, at fourteen and a half months. Watching a child’s development is so amazing.  To watch them grow from a helpless little creature a few short months ago to a strong little toddler. I am in awe of life when I look at Cal.

1 year old

I can’t believe Cal is a year old already; time does really fly with a baby. Each week brings massive development. He went from crawling to standing in a day; clinching for dear life onto the couch, but with the determination of a seasoned climber. He beamed proudly at me as he stood in the … read more >

Maura Derrane Introduces Baby Cal for the first time

We are delighted to announce that our ambassador and RTE presenter Maura Derrane who joined the First 1000 Days movement while she was pregnant will be continuing on as our toddler ambassador now that baby Cal is nearly one. As an ambassador for the movement, Maura hopes to inspire and educate other mothers across Ireland … read more >

Baby Cal’s First Holiday

I pondered, I fretted and I nearly cancelled the whole thing. Of course my husband never worried about taking our three month old baby boy to the scorching Italian sun.  “We will keep him indoors in the day”, he said.  “He will adjust”. But I felt like the worst mother in the world for even … read more >

Life with baby Cal

I am writing this blog post from my childhood bedroom on Inishmore, Aran Islands – looking out the window at the beautiful view. The sea is like a lake today and there is something very soothing about watching the comings and goings of ferries, visiting yachts and small fishing boats. I feel so lucky that … read more >

Baby Cal’s arrival

I am extremely excited to be writing this latest blog as a mum! My baby boy arrived six weeks early and I will admit, I was not completely prepared. It all happened so quick and culminated in an emergency C section. I am delighted to report that he is perfect in every way, the drama … read more >

Getting organised for baby’s arrival

I think I have had a blasé approach to getting organised for the arrival of the baby up until now. I just felt like I had so much time left and now all of a sudden the impending birth is only weeks away! I have entered ‘nesting mode’ with enthusiasm. Last week I joked with … read more >

The Pregnancy Club

My co-host on the Today show Daithi O’Se and his wife Rita welcomed a bouncing baby boy a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t be happier for them. They are so excited and thrilled with their little bundle of joy which has made me really excited to meet my own baby! I don’t have … read more >