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My co-host on the Today show Daithi O’Se and his wife Rita welcomed a bouncing baby boy a couple of weeks ago and I couldn’t be happier for them. They are so excited and thrilled with their little bundle of joy which has made me really excited to meet my own baby! I don’t have long to go now – just a few more months!


I didn’t tell anyone apart from my immediate family that I was pregnant until I was nearly five months gone. I wanted to be sure everything with the baby was ok and I knew that as a television presenter it would probably get quite a bit of attention, especially as the Today show has a predominantly female audience and a lot of our topics cover childcare and pregnancy. It was nice to share the excitement with just my family for those couple of months I must admit and I was lucky I didn’t show early on.


I was so surprised by how women with children and those expecting a baby seemed to relate to me on a different level since I announced my pregnancy. As this is my first child I did not realise how this time is such a personal and individual experience for every expectant mom and how each and every women feels so different. Pregnancy is like a club and I am excited to be a new member!


For me it has been great so far. I have had it quite easy I think. I felt nauseous during the first four months which I hated but it has now passed. My only grievance is heartburn which plagues me 24/7! Apart from that everything is great. Mothers and sisters are great for advice though and mine advised me to take bread soda in water to ease the feeling of heartburn. Initially I didn’t think I could stomach it, but it’s amazing what you will swallow to get rid of pain and it does the trick for a while anyway. I have also discovered a product called Frutin, which you can get from health shops and really works for me.  It is a totally natural product containing fruit fibre and so it is safe to take during pregnancy. Take two tablets after food or when you feel heartburn coming on.  They line the stomach and neutralise acid and really quell that gassy feeling.


I have been conscious of what I eat and try to steer clear of too much sugar, fat and salt but I haven’t been depriving myself. Aside from wanting to feel good throughout my pregnancy and being conscious of maintaining a healthy weight, it’s really empowering knowing that the nutrition my baby gets in the womb will set him or her up for a lifetime of good health. As an ambassador for the First 1,000 Days movement I think it is so important for expectant mothers to know which key nutrients will give a baby the best possible start in life. I don’t always have time to cook elaborate meals but when I do I love following some of the gorgeous recipes from the First 1,000 Days book. I have made granola, soups, curries and fish pies and loved them all.


It’s important for me to stay active as well and doing some exercise is a great way to keep in shape and keep my energy levels up. I recommend simple pregnancy Yoga stretches or Pilates as they are a great way to both relax and strengthen weak muscles, which is especially helpful as your bump gets bigger!  If you can’t get to a class just buy a DVD or a good book.


I’m off for a little walk now. Enjoy this special time and I will be in touch soon.

Maura Derrane

With a busy filming schedule from Monday to Friday on the RTE Afternoon Show and a baby in the house, my life is jam-packed at the moment. I almost can’t believe how quickly Cal continues to grow every day and the First 1000 Days acts as great roadmap through his journey, offering accessible, workable nutritional tips, recipes and advice for parents to be and new parents. Through my blog, I’ll be sharing some personal stories from my First 1,000 Days journey, which I hope will inspire others to take a few minutes each day to plan what they are going to feed their little ones. I hope you all enjoy reading it!

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