The final countdown

Hi guys,

I just want to give you a quick update on how things are going in my third trimester. I have just a few weeks left of my pregnancy and I can confirm that I’m feeling…big!

Once I reached the 30 week mark I started to feel like the end was near, but as I get closer to my due date, each week seems to go on for an eternity! I’ve found that getting much bigger has been quite tough. Physically, the difference in my size has been hard to negotiate. Really normal day-to-day things seem so much harder. I recently parked my car in a really tight spot only to realise I couldn’t actually squeeze myself and my bump out of the car. I had to get back in and drive to a bigger space.  Thankfully I don’t think anyone spotted me! I’ve also become much clumsier, bashing into things all the time.

My exercise regime has been reduced significantly in comparison to what I did before I was pregnant. I made a decision to stop running at around 30 weeks. The main reason was that it aggravated back pain and I wanted to try to stay comfortable for the last few weeks. I try to walk in the mornings and evenings for about 20 minutes. I’m also still doing pregnancy pilates and loving it.

My diet has been good but I still have to fight the urge to eat my entire body weight in chocolate! I’m cooking quite a bit and getting my cupboards and freezer stocked for when I have a newborn in the house. I’ve made chicken casserole, fish stew and curries that are in the freezer for post pregnancy. I can’t eat large portions at the moment so I try to keep things little and often. I still carry around snacks with me everywhere I go, I don’t do well when I’m hungry!

Also in my third trimester, I’m finding that everyone has something conflicting to say or a prediction to make. People love to say whether they think my bump is big or small or neat or high or low! People are constantly trying to predict the sex (they have a 50% chance of being right!) and using the most random things to predict it. People also make random guesses about whether the baby will be early or late. It’s entertaining to hear people tell me different things. I just think the bump is the size it should be and the baby will be whatever it is and arrive when the time is right, I like to keep it simple!

That’s all from the world of the third trimester.

Thanks for reading!

Derval x

Derval O'Rourke

As a former athlete with a love of cooking and keeping fit, I have always been passionate about ensuring my body receives the right nutrition - so when I discovered I was expecting my first baby this summer it was a natural fit for me to come on board with the First 1000 Days movement. Becoming an ambassador for the movement has opened my eyes to the profound long term implications good nutrition can have during this important time. I have the power to set my baby up for a lifetime of good health. Through my blog, I hope to share my journey through the first 1000 days of my baby’s life and inspire other mums-to-be to take action during this unique window of opportunity. I hope you enjoy my blogs!

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