The Joys of Weaning

Christmas and New Year has been and gone and my household is on to a new challenge. Dafne is coming up to 6 months and I’ve begun weaning her onto foods. Since I had Dafne I’ve learned that every baby is different.  Rather than trying to do exactly what one book says or one expert I’ve … read more >

Four months old

Dafne is four months old and is breastfed exclusively. I had a few breastfeeding essentials before Dafne was born, here is a list of a few items that I found useful.

Welcome baby Dafne!

So far in my blogs for first 1,000 days I’ve been talking about being pregnant. Now I can finally blog about a baby! Dafne O’Leary was born at the end of July. She was in no hurry and arrived a week late

The final countdown

Hi guys, I just want to give you a quick update on how things are going in my third trimester. I have just a few weeks left of my pregnancy and I can confirm that I’m feeling…big! Once I reached the 30 week mark I started to feel like the end was near, but as … read more >

Third Trimester

The weeks seem to be flying by for me and with every week that passes I get a little bit more excited with a slight bit of apprehension thrown into the mix! I have an app on my iphone that beeps in with updates on my pregnancy which is really nice to read each week. … read more >

The first 5 months

Last week I became an ambassador for the First 1,000 Days movement alongside Maura Derrane and Neven Maguire. I’m really excited about being involved in this project. I’m currently 5 months pregnant and totally immersed in the world of being a mum to be, so having a resource to go to is really important to … read more >