The Joys of Weaning

Christmas and New Year has been and gone and my household is on to a new challenge. Dafne is coming up to 6 months and I’ve begun weaning her onto foods.

Since I had Dafne I’ve learned that every baby is different.  Rather than trying to do exactly what one book says or one expert I’ve tried to trust my instinct a little bit. She didn’t arrive with a manual so I just try to figure it out as best I can.

I felt that she had become really interested in food and that’s when I started thinking about trying some out on her. She would stare at Peter and I eating so I took that as a hint! I started with banana mashed with milk (I used breastmilk because that’s what she has been fed so far) and she loved it!

In the morning she gets really excited if she sees the mashed banana coming in her bowl. She also tries to take the spoon but if I let her she just ends up with banana all over her face and none gets in her mouth.

My main Dafne dinner at the moment is mashed carrot and parsnip with milk. This has become a firm favourite. I cooked a big batch of this and separated it out into small portions and froze them. Now I have a supply in the freezer so I don’t have to worry about cooking tiny amounts each day for her.

I had a disaster with mashed potato. She threw it up all over herself and me! It was probably too lumpy and I think she was a little full from milk. Hopefully I’ll have more success next time.

So far I’ve only been feeding Dafne enough to get a taste of foods. As the weeks and months go on I’m excited to keep introducing her to new foods. I love cooking and I can’t wait to cook family friendly meals and watch her explore the world of different tastes and textures.

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Derval O'Rourke

As a former athlete with a love of cooking and keeping fit, I have always been passionate about ensuring my body receives the right nutrition - so when I discovered I was expecting my first baby this summer it was a natural fit for me to come on board with the First 1000 Days movement. Becoming an ambassador for the movement has opened my eyes to the profound long term implications good nutrition can have during this important time. I have the power to set my baby up for a lifetime of good health. Through my blog, I hope to share my journey through the first 1000 days of my baby’s life and inspire other mums-to-be to take action during this unique window of opportunity. I hope you enjoy my blogs!

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