Getting used to changes!

Now that Dafne is 6 months old, I’ve noticed that things seem to be changing rapidly. I love seeing how she is discovering her world.

3 weeks ago there was a big day in my household. I discovered Dafne had a tooth. It took me by complete surprise. She was in great form in the days leading up to it so I had no idea it was coming. She still only has one, but I think there are more on the way. She tried to put everything into her mouth!

She still has very little interest in moving too far. For some reason she loves thrusting her hips. My husband Peter and I laugh a lot about it because it’s exactly like a glute exercise I used to do for the hurdles! Maybe she has decided she’s a sprint hurdler from early on?!

I’m due back to work in the next few weeks. I’m part excited and part terrified! The time seems to have gone by really fast. I work in rugby three days a week, and Dafne will be with a minder on those days. The other work I do doesn’t have an exact schedule so when I’m working I’ll be depending on family to help. Luckily we have loads of family close by to help. It really makes a massive difference.

At the moment Dafne spends one day a week with her minder so they get used to each other. I never realised it would be so hard to hand my baby over and go off to work but I find it difficult. I think it’s one of the hardest things with a baby.

I have to be very organised when it comes to cooking, especially when I’m working more. I make most of her food by cooking in bulk and freezing everything in small pots. I try to make sure that I cook food that Peter and I will eat too because I don’t want to be cooking loads of different meals. Dafne has a really big appetite. I’m always surprised by how much she eats. I’m also surprised at how easy she is to feed. She really loves food. My Mum says I was exactly the same at that age, but I became very fussy as I got older so fingers crossed that doesn’t happen.

I’ve booked a one week holiday right before I’m due back to work. I’m really looking forward to getting away to get some sunshine but I’m apprehensive about travelling with a baby. I have no clue what Dafne will be like on a plane. She is fairly relaxed most of the time so I’m hoping she will be the same when travelling.

The next few weeks will be a busy time for myself and Dafne. Between our holiday and me heading back to work. I’m sure there will be a few tears, probably mine!

Thanks for reading.

Derval O'Rourke

As a former athlete with a love of cooking and keeping fit, I have always been passionate about ensuring my body receives the right nutrition - so when I discovered I was expecting my first baby this summer it was a natural fit for me to come on board with the First 1000 Days movement. Becoming an ambassador for the movement has opened my eyes to the profound long term implications good nutrition can have during this important time. I have the power to set my baby up for a lifetime of good health. Through my blog, I hope to share my journey through the first 1000 days of my baby’s life and inspire other mums-to-be to take action during this unique window of opportunity. I hope you enjoy my blogs!

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