5 steps to eliminate bedtime battles

Bedtime battles can involve a long drawn out bedtime routine, demands for one more story, a drink or something to eat. Whatever way your bedtime battle unfolds, all parents report that it is draining and stressful and a time that few look forward to. Here are 5 simple steps to help create a struggle-free bedtime process.

Top tips for fussy toddlers

What if your toddler suddenly starts being fussy and refuses the foods you give them? Well don’t stress, it is perfectly normal for toddlers to go through their ‘fussy eating phase’ at some stage. Mealtimes during these times can become a bit of a nightmare for you and your toddler, with lots of tantrums and frustration. Fortunately, most toddlers grow out of their fussy eating phase and normal mealtimes are eventually restored!

Henry on hunger strike

Henry is nearly a year and a half now, and he has become a complete non-eater. This is bizarre to me because obviously Tom and I are two of the greediest, food-obsessed, non-stop eaters you will ever meet. At meal times, we watch baffled as Henry rejects every single delicacy put in front of him. … read more >

Milestone Moments

Cal took his first steps two weeks ago, at fourteen and a half months. Watching a child’s development is so amazing.  To watch them grow from a helpless little creature a few short months ago to a strong little toddler. I am in awe of life when I look at Cal.

family meals

The importance of family meal times

Eating together as a family has been shown to have multiple benefits for all involved and not only from a nutritional perspective but in many other aspects as well. Research has shown that family mealtimes can boost children’s vocabulary even more than being read out loud to and children who regularly sit down to family meals are less likely to be overweight or obese.

Cooking family meals

Once you start weaning your baby, you can very soon start to give them the same meals as the rest of the family.  There are just a few things to bear in mind but it will certainly save you time (and money!) if all the family are eating the same main meal.

Healthier treats for toddlers

Snacking is an important part of a toddler’s diet.  They need to eat little and often to make sure they get enough energy and nutrients to keep up with their requirements as they grow and become more active.  Toddlers should be having 3 main meals a day, plus 2-3 healthy snacks.  Main meals can be … read more >

Toddler on board!

Many times I witnessed the unfortunate ‘people with baby’ on a plane scenario and had roundly decided that no exotic location would ever be worth that torture. Then we had a couple of days sunshine here, which I found to be quite intoxicating and I was overcome with the urge to experience more good weather. This would require boarding a plane with baby Henry. I was terrified.

Toddler naps

Daytime sleep for children can be hard to master but completely necessary for young children and an area where parents may need to spend some time helping their child to develop the ability, to ensure that they are well rested both at night and during the day, which is vitally important for development. Why is … read more >