Cooking family meals

Once you start weaning your baby, you can very soon start to give them the same meals as the rest of the family.  There are just a few things to bear in mind but it will certainly save you time (and money!) if all the family are eating the same main meal.


Here are some tips for incorporating baby’s needs when you are cooking family Meals:


  • If you are adding salt or spices to the dish, remove a portion for baby before doing this.
  • You should also remove a portion for baby if you are adding butter or gravy to a dish.
  • Use reduced-salt stock cubes in dishes that require stock.  This will benefit all the family.
  • Bear in mind that some foods are not suitable for baby, such as whole or chopped nuts, processed meats (e.g.  ham, bacon, sausages) and honey.  So if you want to cook for all the family, you’ll need to choose recipes that don’t contain these foods or substitute them for something else.
  • When you have set aside a portion for baby, you’ll need to blend or mash it to a suitable consistency, based on the stage of weaning they are at.
  • You can use some of baby’s usual milk to help bring the dish to a suitable consistency for baby.


Why not try some of these delicious meals that are suitable for all the family, including baby (blended or mashed to a suitable consistency):


Beef casserole

Chicken & broccoli bake

Ragu sauce

Pork & Apple casserole

Chicken & vegetable risotto

Fish pie



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