Baby – Kiwi-Cado

“A quick and simple, nutritious and delicious snack for the little ones”

Jessica Schram, Paediatric Dietician, Dublin

Serves 6


An avocado is ripe when its skin turns from green to a dark brown/green color.

A ripe avocado should “give” slightly when it is gently squeezed.

Never refrigerate unripened (hard) avocados because they will not ripen in cold temperatures.

Unripened avocados are best stored in a cool dark place until they have ripened.

To speed up the ripening process you can put the avocado in a brown paper bag and it should ripen in 3-6 days.

If you add a tomato, apple or banana to a paper bag in which you have placed an avocado this will speed up the ripening process and will usually only take one to three days to ripen.

Toddler – Pitta Pizza

“A great dish to get the kids involved with the meal when they are big enough to add their own toppings”

– Michelle Skelly, Clinical Dietician, Laois

Who would have thought a pizza could be both tasty and nutritious! This is a great finger food for toddlers.

Serves 2

Toddler – Sun dried Tomato Frittata

“This is so easy to make and serve and a great way to include well cooked egg which is a cheap, nourishing food for everyone. The natural sweetness of the tomato combined with the savoury herbs and cheese make it a choice that ’s full of natural goodness for your toddler to enjoy”.

– Ruth Charles, Paediatric Dietitian, Westmeath

A twist on your average egg dish, packed with vitamin D and Calcium which are important for your toddler’s rapidly growing bones.

Serves 4

Baby – Chicken & Vegetable Soup with Barley

“One of the very first soups I cooked with my mother Vera. This is full of goodness and nutrition and, as they say in Cavan, there is eating and drinking in it! I make it for the twins but I replace the barley with Orzo which is a rice shaped pasta and they love it.”

Neven Maguire, Chef and Father

Tip! Once your baby is taking soft finger foods you can cut up small soldiers of brown bread for them to eat with their soup.


Puy Lentil Shepherd’s Pie

“This is my modern version of a standard comfort food. Perfect for a cold winter’s evening.”

Paula Mee, Dietician, Dublin.

An Iron rich dish which is especially important for vegetarians during pregnancy.


Toddler – Ragu Sauce

“This recipe is the the real McCoy and definitely doesn’t use any of those readymade pasta sauces. It’s just so versatile, soft and tender that it is worth the two hours cooking time – trust me it’s worth it!”

– Neven Maguire, Chef and Father

This dish is a perfect stand-by for converting into dishes such as moussaka, cannelloni, chilli con carne, lasagne, cottage pie and as a filling for pancakes and jacket potatoes.

Serves 10