Simple Swaps for Pregnancy

Swap certain foods for others that have a higher nutritional content.

Simple Swaps for Pregnancy

Instead of…… Choose……. Why?
Skipping breakfast Porridge / High fibre cereal with low fat milk Skipping breakfast will leave you feeling sluggish. You need energy for you and your baby. High fibre foods deliver slow-release engery and keep you feeling fuller for longer.
An 11am Danish A wholemeal brown scone with sliced banana Pastries contain a lot of fat and are low in nutritional value. This healthy option contains fibre and 1 of your ‘5 a day’.
A deli-bought white roll with ham and coleslaw Make your own wholemeal roll packed with salad and some lean turkey or chicken. Deli portions can be too big – one white roll can equal 4 slices of bread. Pre-prepared salads can also be high in fat — your homemade version will be healthier.
A can of fizzy drink A glass of fresh water Fizzy drinks are full of ‘empty calories’ and while pregnant can cause surges in your baby’s blood sugar levels. Drink lots of fresh water to keep well hydrated.
Breaded white fish for dinner Baked salmon steak Choosing salmon instead of white fish will give you and your baby a boost of essential fish oils. Try to eat oily fish once or twice a week while pregnant.
A mid-afternoon chocolate bar Chopped fresh fruit with natural yoghurt You and your baby will benefit from this healthy snack with calcium for bones and essential nutrients for your growing baby.


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