Double Trouble!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post and you might find it hard to believe that it’s nearly 2 years since our little girl, Ellen, was born –  I find it hard to believe myself at times.  We won’t be a family of 3 for much longer though as we are starting our First 1000 Days journey again, with twins due in January!


To say we were shocked to find out we are expecting twins is an understatement.  Neither of us could speak during the scan.  We got into the car afterwards and agreed we wouldn’t tell anyone yet so that we could process the news for a while.  And then we went straight home and told both our families – the news was too exciting to keep to ourselves!  We have had some time now to take it in and we are absolutely thrilled and excited, but also slightly terrified.


I’ve always said I’d love to have twins.  My hubby is a twin, and the relationship he has with his brother is so unique and special.  But now that this is actually happening, it’s a bit nerve-wracking!  We have so many thoughts going round in our heads – from “how will we survive the first few months or even years”, to “we’d better start saving for college now”.  Not to mention the fact that we’ll need a new car to fit in all the car seats.  Obviously all of these things can be overcome, and we are lucky to have amazing family support, but there’s a lot to think about!


I’ve been very lucky so far with my pregnancy with very little nausea or other issues.  I am absolutely exhausted most evenings though – I could happily go to bed at 7pm after Ellen goes to sleep.  But I guess I’ll just have to get used to being tired for a very long time to come!


I had a really enjoyable pregnancy with Ellen and no complications, but with twins there is a higher risk of complications like high blood pressure, gestational diabetes and anaemia.  I’m really trying to take it easy and look after myself and hopefully I won’t experience any of these but all I can do is wait and see.  The babies are DCDA (dichorionic diamniotic) which means they each have their own placenta and because of this, the risk to their health in the womb is much lower than if they shared a placenta, which is a comfort at least.


So that’s my big news for now.  I’ll keep you posted on how I’m getting on over the coming months, and in the meantime I’d love to hear any thoughts and tips from parents of twins on the First 1000 Days facebook page.  We are going to need all the tips we can get!

Kellie, Nutritionist

I'm a Registered Nutritionist with an honours degree in Human Nutrition from the University of Ulster in Coleraine. Originally from Armagh, I now live in Wicklow with my husband. We live on a big sheep farm so there is never a dull moment! Mum to 1 year old- Ellen. I love trying out new recipes so my pregnancy is giving me a whole new opportunity to experiment with recipes and make them even healthier. I hope you enjoy trying some of my recipes!

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