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Hi folks, I hope you are all well and that you enjoyed the fantastic summer. Amelda and I headed off to Portugal earlier this summer and the brilliant weather in July offered us ample opportunity for free and easy summer living. It looks like the good weather is back for a little while now – let’s hope it lasts! With the change of season upon us you can’t help but change the routine a little and we find this change is reflected in what we eat at the dinner table. I love spending time in the kitchen with the twins around, it’s a real break from the restaurant; yet still involves food! They are already showing great interest in food being prepared. Last night I made some delicious jacket potatoes with Ragu Sauce from the First 1000 Days Recipe Booklet– that went down a treat. While the twins are in no way fussy toddler eaters at the moment, we can’t tell that they won’t go through a fussy phase at some point – I can really see the benefit of making the whole cooking and eating process fun. Their enthusiasm for tasting different flavours, touching different textures and shapes of foods never ceases to amaze me. As a chef and father, I love watching their faces as they try new flavours. I have learned that variety is just so important, even at this young age, it will stand to their eating habits for life! As well as keeping up the day job and twins entertained and healthy, Amelda and I are preparing to participate in the First 1000 Days National Awareness Week, which is happening from Monday 16th through to Friday 20th of September. On Wednesday 18th, I will host a First 1000 Days cookery demonstration at The Marker Hotel in Grand Canal Square, Dublin. I do hope you can come along to meet with us on the day and see just how easy it is to cook some delicious and healthy recipes from the First 1000 Days Recipe Booklet. I’m really looking forward to it. After everything that I’ve learned about the First 1,000 Days so far, I can’t wait to pass on some simple and healthy tips and tricks. Getting it right at this stage is so important to the twins’ health not only now but when they are in school and even when they are adults. Anyone who wants to join us and be part of the First 1000 Days movement to help improve the health of future generations can sign up online at I hope to see you there! Neven

Neven Maguire

One of life's simple pleasures is sharing great food with our families. From the age of 10 I was experimenting with ingredients in the family kitchen and over the years my passion for food has bloomed. Having worked in some of the best restaurants in Europe, I took over the family business, MacNean House and Restaurant in Blacklion, Co. Cavan in 2001 which I now run with my wife Amelda. When I became a father to twins Connor and Lucia in February 2012, I was excited to share my love for food with my children. I’ve always been aware of the importance of nutrition but since becoming involved with the First 1000 Days movement, I truly understand how important nutrition is at this formative time of life. My wife Amelda and I know what it is like for families with young children to consistently provide the best nutrition. I’m excited to share some of our inspiring and personal stories from our First 1,000 Day experience with you all.

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