Parent problem Googler!

At the beginning of this year, I wrote here about the dangers of Googling parental queries. It’s a pretty obvious one. Googling is like a red rag to a hypochondriac, if you’re anywhere near as hysterical as I am, a google too far and you could end up diagnosing bubonic plague when it’s just a runny nose. Guaranteed if you admit to others that you are a PPG (parenting problem Googler) it will be met with shrieks of “DON’T Google stuff!”

Sleep and your new baby

Infants require a significant amount of sleep in the first few months of life.  It may be surprising for some new parents to discover that sleep does not come naturally to your much anticipated arrival, or you may find that your new baby is rarely awake.  Just as they come in all shapes and sizes, the ability to sleep well at the start, varies hugely from each individual child. However, the amount of sleep necessary for healthy development does not differ hugely from baby to baby and there are a number of elements that may be addressed to ensure that you all get as much as possible.

Welcome baby Dafne!

So far in my blogs for first 1,000 days I’ve been talking about being pregnant. Now I can finally blog about a baby! Dafne O’Leary was born at the end of July. She was in no hurry and arrived a week late

Your Body: What to Look Out For After Childbirth

We talked about how we should do pelvic floor muscle exercise both during and after pregnancy to prevent any pelvic floor problems and about trying to prepare the pelvic floor for birth as well as we can. However even before giving birth we know that the pelvic floor in a woman can be symptomatic giving rise to problems with the bladder, bowel and with sexual satisfaction. Having given birth there may be more problems as the pelvic floor has sustained the passage of childbirth.

Breastfeeding? Say Yes to Oily fish!

Breastfeeding provides the best nutrition for your baby with many long-term benefits for your baby such as the reduction in the risk of obesity and certain infections and allergies. Remember to take the time to look after yourself during this important time, particularly your own diet. The foods you eat will actually affect both the … read more >

Breastfeeding Support

Support from family, friends and the wider community can make all the difference during breastfeeding. There are also lots of really excellent breastfeeding books available and, of course, on-line forums where you can chat to other mums who may be going through the same thing at the same time.