Toddler Breakfast Ideas

The toddler years can be both fun and difficult when it comes to food and developing eating habits. It is a key time though to develop your child’s eating habits for life! So one of the most important meals of the day is breakfast, here are a few fun and healthy breakfast ideas suitable for your little one!

Healthy Smoothie


Whizz up your toddlers favourite fresh fruits, add some natural yogurt (unsweetened would be best) and a little honey if needed for sweetness and/or some porridge oats to help them feel fuller for longer.

Great combinations include:

  • Orange, mixed berries, banana
  • Apple, pear, mango
  • Pineapple, passion fruit, avocado

Top tip: Try adding some veggies to help boost their veggie intake – great veggies to add which won’t overpower the sweet taste of fruit includes carrots, spinach or kale. If adding spinach or kale try combining these with fruits rich in vitamin C to help boost your little ones iron intakes.



Porridge provides a great start to the day! Sometimes people might find it a little boring/bland by itself but try some of these tasty variations to help your little one enjoy porridge:

  • Stewed apple, cinnamon
  • Blueberries, little honey

Top tip: During the Summer, you may not feel like eating a big bowl of hot porridge but a variation would be to try overnight oats – just mix oats, your toddlers usual milk drink and their favourite toppings in a container, soak them in the fridge overnight and enjoy the next morning!



A simple food with a world of opportunities!

What’s your little ones favourite way to eat eggs? Scrambled, poached, in an omelette? Eggs are a great way to start the day and there are a number of different ways to cook them that you are sure to find a way that your toddler will enjoy:

  • An omelette with tomatoes and cheese; chives and onion
  • Boiled egg with soldiers
  • Wholegrain toast, avocado and poached eggs

Top tip: Eggs are not only versatile they are also nutrient rich and full of protein, iron and vitamin D so include eggs a few times per week to boost your toddler’s nutrient intake.

Treat the weekend..!


For that lazy Sunday morning, why not let your toddler help you out in the kitchen by making some simple two ingredient pancakes!

All you need is

  • 1 ripe banana
  • 2 medium sized eggs

Let your little one mash up the banana, crack in the eggs, stir it up and all ready to go! There are loads of different toppings you can add too to add flavour and colour!

Top tip: Getting your toddler involved in food preparation will make them more willing to try the meal.


Bon Appetit!



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