Sweet Dreams

Its happened. I can barely bring myself to type it for fear of jinxing myself. But the baby has STTN. Maybe the abbreviation won’t break the spell.


Mums will get it. Dads may not. Even though it was really only a year between the birth of each of our boys, John forgot in that interim that newborns don’t in fact bed down for 12 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night. Rather they like to wake at intervals of 45mins for feeding. As my friend and mother of 15 week old gorgeous Jake said last weekend, “never say you slept like a baby, sure that’s a rubbish sleep. Say you slept like a husband. Now that’s a restful slumber!”


But back to my lil man. He has eventually Slept Through The Night. Please don’t let that break the spell, please please! It’s been nearly a week of decent sleep. It’s like he just got the hang of it overnight. I skip into the boys bedroom these mornings high fiving them, singing about the best boys in the world who had a great sleep.


Finn demonstrates how well he slept by putting his head back down on the pillow and making snoring noises. I’m nearly in tears with happiness and energy!


It came right when I was struggling. Being back at work before your baby has mastered sleeping is tough going. Naps are frowned upon at work unfortunately. There were times when I was tempted to sit in my car and grab twenty minutes shut eye. But with a show that doesn’t wait to be recorded, it was never an option. Still we got there. And course you still have the odd rough night when coughs/colds/teething take hold. But I’ve enough fuel in the tank now to roll with them.


So for mums struggling through the sleepless haze, keep the faith. It’ll happen. And think of the days when we’ll be trying to dig our teenagers out of their beds at the weekend. I’m looking forward to at last being the one to wake them!


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