Chicken & Sweetcorn Risotto


1 tbsp olive oil
1 small onion, finely chopped
1 large skinless chicken breast fillet, cut into
small cubes (about 200g)
600ml homemade vegetable or chicken stock (no added salt!)
100g Arborio rice (risotto rice)
75g fresh or frozen sweetcorn kernels
50g mild Cheddar cheese, grated
2 tsp finely chopped
fresh flat-leaf parsley


Heat the oil in a sauté pan over a medium heat. Add the onion and sauté for about 5 minutes, until soft. Add the chicken and cook for 3–4 minutes, until lightly browned. Heat the stock in a separate saucepan. Stir the rice into the chicken and continue to cook for 1 minute, stirring. Add a ladleful of the hot stock, stirring until absorbed. Keep adding ladlefuls of the stock, stirring continuously until each ladleful is absorbed. The rice will be cooked in approximately 20–25 minutes.

Meanwhile, cook the sweetcorn in a saucepan of freshly boiled water over a medium heat for 4–6 minutes, until tender, then drain and set aside until needed. When the risotto is just cooked, stir in the sweetcorn and Cheddar cheese with the parsley.

Purée the chicken and sweetcorn risotto with a hand blender or in a food processor until it’s the desired consistency for your baby. Use as required or leave to cool and freeze it in small containers, then defrost and reheat as necessary.

Nutritional Information

Per 100g
(Serving Size will vary greatly depending on what stage your baby is at)
Energy: 102Kcals
Protein: 7g
Fat: 4g
of which saturates: 1.5g
Carbohydrate: 9g
Of which sugars: 1g
Fibre: 0.5g
Source of: protein