Postnatal Aqua Yoga

Aqua yoga is the perfect combination of the benefits that yoga and swimming can bring. Our Aqua Yoga classes are designed for you to maintain your health & fitness, both emotionally & physically during this amazing journey to motherhood.

Water is a medium especially suited to postnatal women and wonderfully soothing to those who have just given birth. Aqua yoga is a natural and all-encompassing way to promote and sustain fitness and health. It is therapeutic and supportive, bodies feel virtually weightless in water, allowing you to stretch and breathe far beyond your capabilities on dry land. Yoga is a centuries old practice that promotes balance, energy, deep breathing and relaxation. Together they provide the optimum workout without over exertion.

Pelvic movements and pelvic floor exercises in water using yoga principles greatly facilitate the return to healthy pelvic floor tone after birth. Classes are excellent for swimmers and non-swimmers alike and especially those suffering from pelvic pain, backache and SPD.

Aqua Yoga will help to improve weakened and stretched abdomen muscles, by focusing on strengthening the abdominal muscles, including gentle twists movements which help shrink the uterus.

Benefits of Post-natal Aqua Yoga:


  • Closing pelvis after birth
  • Re knitting abdominal muscles
  • Realigning and strengthening the spine
  • Regaining strength to the pelvic floor
  • General toning and feeling of well being

When can I begin Postnatal Aqua Yoga?


After you give birth you can attend classes after you get the go ahead at your 6 week post-natal check up.

Classes 45 mins long of a 4 week term and are held  in Harold’s Cross  medical hydrotherapy pool on Wednesdays at 6.30pm

For more information, please contact Aquababies on  T: 01 853 2989  M: 087 697 9195 or or visit

Enter code “1000Days” when booking online or mention it if booking directly through the office and receive a 10% discount on all Aquababies



Deirdre Casey, Aquababies

I am a mum of three young children and a qualified swimming teacher with Internationally recognised qualifications from the STA (Swimming teachers association) in baby and pre-school (birth-3years). I co-founded AquaKiddies/babies Ireland with my husband Phil. We aim to provide positive associations with swimming and the lessons are informative, friendly and lots of fun. We teach basic water safety and confidence techniques we are more than simply a splash and fun class – we aim to lay the foundations of future swimming. Along with our completed extensive training and continuing professional development with STA and Swim Ireland we have extensive hands on experience with hundreds of babies & toddlers in the pool each week.

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