Baby – Chicken, Sweet Potato & Carrot Purée

This recipe was chosen as a winning recipe in our Parents Recipe Competition
Author: Caitriona Cashell, Kildare
“I chose this recipe as it is very simple, tasty and nutritious. It also has no added salt or sugar. I am entering it as my son cries for more when I take the empty bowl away, so it is a very popular dish in my home.”

This recipe has a lovely combination of naturally sweet carrots and sweet potato which are good sources of vitamin C and beta-carotene. The chicken is a valuable source of protein and iron for your baby also.

Serves 8-10 portions

Summer Pasta

This recipe was chosen as a winning recipe in our Parents Recipe Competition.

Author: Michelle Gayer, Cork

I’m pregnant at the minute and have always loved cooking. Now that I’m cooking for an extra special little one I’m taking even more of an interest and trying to eat a well-balanced yet still tasty diet to ensure myself and bump get all the nutrients we need!

Serves 4

Chasing Henry

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I just need some SLEEP!

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Starting Weaning

A few weeks ago, when he was hitting the six month mark, I began trying to give Henry solid foods for the first time. My aunt had advised me that once babies start putting things in their mouth that means they are ready to have a go at real food. I was really excited to … read more >

Step-by-Step Pasta Bake

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