In the first 1000 days, introducing a varied, healthy diet will improve eating habits for life.

The introduction of solid foods is a very exciting stage of the First 1000 Days journey. It is a critical time to give your baby a wide variety of healthy food and textures, both essential to establish good eating habits now and into the future.

The Department of Health & Children recommends that the introduction of solid food should start at about 6 months of age. The exact timing should be dictated by your baby, but you should not introduce solid food into your baby’s diet before 4 months (17 weeks) of age, and weaning should start no later than 6 months (26 weeks) of age

When you do get started, giving your baby a variety of healthy foods will set them on the road to be being good eaters – keen to try new foods and more likely to be accepting of a variety of flavours throughout their lives.

Babies who are given plenty of fruit and vegetables at 6 months old will be more likely to eat plenty of fruit and vegetables when they are 7 than those who had a poor weaning diet. That’s a fact!! Prevention is better than cure…So now is the time to avoid having a fussy schoolchild or even a picky teenager!

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