Toddler portion sizes

In the First 1000 Days, toddlers aged 1-3 need a certain amount of servings from each food group (have a look at the toddler food pyramid). But how much exactly is a serving? Find out here.

Cereals, Breads, Potatoes, Pasta & Rice

Bread Type Portion Size Weight Portion Size Household Measure
Bread Slices 25g – 30g 1 medium thickness slice
Bread Roll 25g 30g ½ a roll (size of a hot dog roll)
Bagel 30g – 40g ½ bagel
Breadsticks 21g 3 large breadsticks
Burger Bun 25g ½ shop bought burger bun
Cream/Wholemeal Crackers 21g 3 Crackers
Crispbread 20g 2 Crispbreads
Pitta Bread 35g ½ pitta or 1 mini pitta bread
Chapati Bread 25g 1/2 Chapati
Naan Bread 80g ½ Naan
Oatcakes 26g 2 Oatcakes
Rice Cakes 18g 3 Medium rice cakes
Scone 25g ½ shop bought scone
Tortilla 20g ½ large tortilla wrap


Breakfast cereal Portion Size Weight Portion Size Household Measure
Dried flake cereal/rice cereal/hoops 30g 3 – 6 heaped tbsp
Muesli 45g 2 – 4 tbsp
Porridge/Ready Brek (made up with water/milk) 250 – 300g 5 -8 tbsp
Wheat Biscuits 20 — 30g 1 — 1 ½ biscuits


Rice, Pasta, Potatoes Portion Size Weight Portion Size Household Measure
Rice 100g (cooked weight) 3 — 4 tbsp
Noodles (cooked) 100 – 120g ½ – 1 small cup
Pasta (cooked) 100 – 150g 2 — 4 tbsp
Baked Potato 90g ½ medium potato
Boiled Potato 100g 1 small potato
Chips 80 -100g 8 -10 chips
Mashed Potato 60g 1 scoop
Roast Potato 50g 1 small potato
Wedges 80g 4 medium wedges
Couscous (cooked) 100 – 120g 2 — 4 heaped tbsp



Fruit Portion Size Weight Portion size household measure
Apple 60g ½ medium apple
Avocado 50-60g 1 – 2 tbsp
Banana 80g 1 small banana
Blackberries/Raspberries/ Blueberries/Strawberries 50g 10 berries/small handful
Dried fruits (apricots, figs, dates, prunes) 40 — 60g 4-6 pieces
Fruit Salad 80 – 100g 1 small bowl
Grapes 20g 10 seedless grapes/small handful
Grapefruit 80g Half grapefruit, peeled
Kiwi/plum/apricot 60g 1 kiwi, peeled
Mandarin orange 60g 1 medium
Mango 80g 2 slices
Melon 100g 1 thin slice
Mixed dried fruit/sultanas/raisins 50g 2 tbsp
Nectarine/Peach/Pear 130g 1 medium
Orange 80g ½ medium
Pineapple 80g 1 medium slice
Pureed fruit (apple/rhubarb) 100g 4 tbsp



Vegetables Portion Size Weight Portion Size Household Measure
Asparagus 75g 3 spears
Aubergine 60g 2 tbsp/2 slices
Beetroot 40g 4 slices
Broccoli/Cauliflower 135g 3 florets/1-2 tbsp
Brussel Sprouts 30g 3 sprouts
Cabbage 60g 3 tbsp
Carrots 80g 3 tbsp
Celery 60g 2 small sticks
Courgette 60g 2 tbsp
Cucumber 36g 6 slices
Green beans 60g 2 tbsp
Lettuce 10g 2 leaves
Mange tout 60g 6-8 pieces
Mixed frozen vegetables 70g 2 tbsp
Mushrooms 40g 4 medium
Onions 30g 2 tbsp
Parsnips 40g 2 tbsp
Peas 40g 2 tbsp
Pepper 60g 6 slices
Spinach (cooked) 60g 2 tbsp
Stir Fry Veg/Roasted Veg 90g 2 tbsp
Sweet potato (cooked) 65g 1 medium
Sweet Corn 60g 2 tbsp
Tomato 65g 4 slices
Turnip 80g 2 tbsp
Vegetable Soup 125ml 1 small bowl



Dairy Portion Size Weight Portion Size Household Measurement
Milk (Cow’s milk/Growing Up Milk) 150ml (no more than 2 portions per day) 1 small cup
Yoghurt 125g 1 average pot
Fromage Frais 120g 2 small pots
Cheese (Cheddar/Edam/Brie/ camembert/Mozzarella) 30g Matchbox size
Cheese Spread 30g Thinly spread on a slice of bread
Cottage Cheese/Ricotta 40g 1 tbsp
Processed Cheese 20g 1 slice/1 triangle


Meat, Fish and Alternatives

Meat/Fish/Eggs/Pulses Portion Size in Weight Portion Size in Household Measurement
Bacon 25g 1 rasher
Beef/Lamb (roast) 60g 1 small slice
Beef/lamb burger (no bun) 35g 1 small homemade
Beef stew/curry 200g 6 tbsp
Beef (minced, cooked) 90g 4 tbsp
Chicken fillet 50g ½ fillet
Chicken (roast) 60g 2 small slices
Pork 60g 2 small slices
Ham 23g 1 small slice/4 wafer thin slices
Sausages 35g 1 medium
Turkey 90g 2 small slices
Fish white/oily 80 — 100g 1 small fillet
Prawns 40g 2 tbsp
Tinned fish in a salad/sandwich (e.g. salmon, tuna) 30g 1 ½ tbsp
Egg (boiled/poached/fried) 50g 1 egg
Omelette (1 egg) 60g 1 omelette
Scrambled Egg 60g 4 tbsp
Baked beans in sauce 80g 2-4 tbsp
Chick peas/hummus 56g 2 tbsp
Kidney beans/butter beans 60g 2 tbsp

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