Healthy Swaps this Christmas

Christmas time is renowned for overindulgence and expanding waistlines. Foods high in fat and sugar are everywhere and difficult to avoid. It is also a very busy time and we can fall out of our everyday routine, especially when it comes to exercising. If you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, making just a few simple swaps can really help you to stay on track.


  • Swap whipped cream for low fat crème fraiche.
  • Swap crisps for carrot and celery sticks with tasty dips.
  • Swap shop bought dips for homemade tomato salsa, guacomole or homemade hummus.
  • Swap sweet hot chocolate for warm milk with cinnamon.
  • Swap cocktail sausages for small marinated chicken bites.
  • Season your potatoes with herbs and spices such as chives, thyme, garlic and rosemary instead of butter and salt.
  • Instead of the traditional desserts such as Christmas cake and mince pies, serve warm winter berry compote with natural yoghurt or try these individual berry trifles.
  • Avoid traditional Irish breakfasts with rashers, sausages and puddings. Instead opt for fruit and homemade granola or healthy pancakes.
  • When visitors call don’t have the cupboards stocked with tins of sweets and biscuits. Instead make homemade fruit and nut granola bars or wholemeal raspberry scones.
  • Instead of having prawn cocktail or creamy vol-au- vents for starters, try a healthy fish cake.

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