Baby – Pear and Avocado Puree

“Avocados are often over looked by parents when it comes to preparing baby foods but they are a fast, heart healthy easy to prepare food”

Deborah Griffin, Senior Paediatric and Neonatal Dietician, Waterford.

Serves 8:

Avocado are a brilliant first food for your baby due to it’s

nutritional value and also it’s creamy texture. You can make

variations of this recipe by using other fruits to blend with

the avocado such as bananas, peaches, or mango.

Baby – Icy Strawberry Cream

“Cool and soothing for teething gums and my kids still love it for a summer treat”

Cara Cunningham, Senior Community Dietician, Westmeath

Tip! Why not change things up by using different flavoured fromage frais and different types of fruit?

Baby – Cheesy Chicken & Broccoli Pasta

“This recipe is a favourite of mine to share with mothers of infants I see under my care, it is a great source of calcium for a developing infant”

Orla Brady, Community Dietician, Westmeath

Serves 3, suitable from 7 months.

TIP! It’s quite handy to have some frozen vegetables in the freezer for those days when it’s all go. Frozen broccoli florets will work just as well in this recipe and are just as nutritious.

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