Toddler – Sticky beef skewers

If you want to be well organised marinate the beef up to one day in advance and store in an airtight container in the fridge. Soak the bamboo skewers for at least 30 minutes before using them and then skewer the beef up to 12 hours in advance.

Serves 10 (Makes 20)

Note: Always supervise your toddler when using skewers as they can have sharp ends – help them pick the meat off with their hands.

To Serve: Arrange the sticky beef skewers on a large, warmed platter around a bowl of garlic and chive mayonnaise for dipping.

Baby – Herb crusted cod fillets with butternut squash

Cod is a delicious meaty fish and a fantastic source of protein for your baby or toddler. Your fishmonger will pin bone your fillets for you to remove any small bones.

Serves 3

To Serve: Purée, mash or flake the cod fillet to the consistency required (depending on weaning stage). Alter the butternut squash and cherry tomatoes to the consistency required — leave soft and whole for older babies as they can pick them up with their hands.

Baby- Scrambled eggs with cheese and tomato

This is a fantastic recipe for breakfast, lunch or even supper and is so quick to prepare and cook. Avoid overcooking the eggs by stirring constantly with a balloon whisk and remember to keep pulling the mixture away from the sides

Serves 2-3

To Serve: Alter the consistency, depending on the stage of weaning, your baby is at. For older babies who are able for soft finger foods, serve the scrambled egg topped with a cherry tomato and with 1-2 thin toasted strips on the side.

Mackerel Spread

Mackerel is a source of omega-3 fats, which are important for your baby’s brain and eye development. This spread is a suitable alternative to pate, which you need to avoid during pregnancy or breastfeeding.