Karen: My Take on Motherhood

So babies get a lot of bad press. In fact, like celebrities, babies should hire publicists to counter all the negative PR they receive. The sleepless nights, the night feeds, the teething, the winding, the colic…Don’t mention the colic! It’s a minefield.

Sweet Dreams

It’s happened. I can barely bring myself to type it for fear of jinxing myself. But the baby has STTN. Maybe the abbreviation won’t break the spell.


So the baby has moved out. Packed up his little grow bag, his favourite teddy and shuffled off without a backwards glance….

Treat Yourself

For me, a mist of sticky syrupy fake tan does the job. My face could do with sleeping for a hundred years and I’m thinking of getting my fringe back just to hide the trenches in my forehead. But hose me down at 7pm and by 7am I’m looking at my love handles, marvelling at how much nicer they look when they’re the colour of chocolate.

Happy Holidays!

So I should be packing. Instead, I’m looking at pictures of Hiddleswift on my phone, who’ll probably be broken up by the time you read this

Date night

Date night. Me and John never had to plan date nights. We’d end up going for Thai food to get us over hump day, and sure the house red is lovely here so we’ll have that too. Friday evening would see us sliding into a cab and heading for dinner and drinks in town. It … read more >