Taking care of yourself with a new baby

Once baby arrives it is easy to turn all of your attention and time over to them and to forget about yourself. But a happy mum means a happy baby! Here are a few tips to bear in mind for those first few days.

Don’t skip meals and make sure you eat well


With your new bundle of joy, it can be easy to spend all your time looking after them and to neglect yourself. But it is important to remember that you have had a busy 9 months growing your baby, gone through labour and now you have a new little baby to look after so keeping your energy up is essential. A diet rich in fresh foods such as fruits and vegetables, wholegrains, dairy foods and lean protein will keep up your energy and your nutrient levels which you will need for feeding baby. Even if you don’t have time to have big meals, eat little and often throughout the day and have some easy quick meals and snacks to hand. Have a read of our quick snack ideas for mum.

Accept help


It can be normal to want to try and do everything for your baby by yourself but don’t overdo it! You don’t need to take everything on. When well-meaning family or friends offer to help you out whether it is taking the ironing, bringing over a few cooked meals or minding baby for a few hours while you get a rest, then just say yes! Also asking a friend to pick up a few groceries or taking advantage of online shopping is a lifesaver in those first few weeks.

Remember that feeling emotional or anxious is normal


Giving birth is both very physically and emotionally demanding. You have been through a life changing experience and together with the hormonal imbalances that occur and the exhaustion it is very normal to feel anxious, stressed, worried or a little down. Lots of new mums can also experience the ‘baby blues’ soon after giving birth. It is important if you are feeling this way not to keep it to yourself. Speak to your partner, your mum, your friends or your healthcare professional. Everyone needs a little support!

Sleep as much as you can!


I’m sure you have heard the expression before – sleep when your baby sleeps. It’s not a new idea but it is a good one. The more rest you get the more you will be able to enjoy this amazing experience and the better you will feel. So even if it is just for one of their naps per day, make sure you get your head down.

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