Weaning: Stage 2 (6-9 months)

Once your baby has been introduced to solids, it is important to continue to progress through the weaning stages. When you and your baby are ready, you can start to increase the amount of solid food your baby is getting. At this stage you should try offering approx. 3 meals a day of about 2-4 tablespoons per meal. Continue to breastfeed on demand or give 600-800ml formula milk everyday. Space spoon and milk feeds apart.

This is also a great time to experiment with flavour combinations, but remember not to add salt to any of your baby’s food as this can adversely affect their kidneys and liver.

At this stage of weaning it is also important to start introducing slightly lumpier consistencies to your baby. The consistency of food should be minced or mashed textures and soft finger foods.

In addition to vegetables, fruit and meat/fish, you can now start to incorporate well-cooked eggs, bread, pasta, cheese (pasteurised) and yogurt into their diet.

The amount of milk your little one takes will gradually reduce as their solid food intake increases. If your baby is full on milk feeds, they may not want any solid food so if they are showing less interest in one or two of the milk feeds then don’t be worried and don’t try to force them to finish every feed.

From 6 months of age, all fluids other than breastfeeds should be offered in a beaker or lidded cup. Use a beaker with two handles to make it easier for them to grab onto themselves. Water is the best option for your little one’s drinks. Fruit juice should not be given instead of milk but if you wish to include fruit juices, small amounts of well-diluted (dilute one part fruit juice to five parts cooled boiled water) unsweetened, pure fruit juice can be given very occasionally from a cup at mealtimes from six months on.


Top tip: Save time by making up a supply of baby food in advance and freezing it in ice cube trays. The frozen cubes can be defrosted as you need them.

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