double trouble blog

Double Trouble!

It’s been a while since I’ve written a blog post and you might find it hard to believe that it’s nearly 2 years since our little girl, Ellen, was born –  I find it hard to believe myself at times.  We won’t be a family of 3 for much longer though as we are starting … read more >

sweet dreams karen koster

Sweet Dreams

It’s happened. I can barely bring myself to type it for fear of jinxing myself. But the baby has STTN. Maybe the abbreviation won’t break the spell.

seasonal produce & precious playtime

Seasonal Meals & Precious Playtime

I’m back at work over 3 months and feel like I’m just getting my head around it all now. We are in a routine that works (most of the time!) and most importantly, Ellen is well settled with her child-minder. It’s very tough being away from her during the day but it makes me treasure the time I have with her in the evening.

treat yourself blog karen koster

Treat Yourself

For me, a mist of sticky syrupy fake tan does the job. My face could do with sleeping for a hundred years and I’m thinking of getting my fringe back just to hide the trenches in my forehead. But hose me down at 7pm and by 7am I’m looking at my love handles, marvelling at how much nicer they look when they’re the colour of chocolate.

Top tips for fussy toddlers

What if your toddler suddenly starts being fussy and refuses the foods you give them? Well don’t stress, it is perfectly normal for toddlers to go through their ‘fussy eating phase’ at some stage. Mealtimes during these times can become a bit of a nightmare for you and your toddler, with lots of tantrums and frustration. Fortunately, most toddlers grow out of their fussy eating phase and normal mealtimes are eventually restored!

karen my take on motherhood for future mums

Karen: My Take on Motherhood

So babies get a lot of bad press. In fact, like celebrities, babies should hire publicists to counter all the negative PR they receive. The sleepless nights, the night feeds, the teething, the winding, the colic…Don’t mention the colic! It’s a minefield.

roomies karen kostner blog


So the baby has moved out. Packed up his little grow bag, his favourite teddy and shuffled off without a backwards glance….

chicken and sweetcorn risotto

Chicken & Sweetcorn Risotto

This dish suitable for weaning (& for all the family!) – it’s a great versatile dish you can add different veg to. The chicken gives it a nice boost of protein and iron. Remember your baby will only be taking very small amounts at the stage but the most important thing is that you’re exposing them to a variety of tastes early on and that you progress with the consistencies of dishes as baby gets older.