Checklist for dads-to-be & new dads

Before baby arrives   Get to know as much as you can before baby arrives. Attend ante-natal classes with your partner and do some research of your own. Get to know the bump! Reading, singing and talking to your partner’s bump even before baby arrives will allow them to get to know your voice which … read more >

10 Steps to Bedtime Routine

  Don’t underestimate the power of the bedtime routine.  A predictable sequence of events, that happens in the same order, at around same time and in the same place every night.  It is that simple. The premise of the bedtime routine is to bridge the gap between wakefulness and time for sleep and I suggest … read more >

Recovering healthy sleep habits following sickness or teething

Lots of factors affect your child’s sleep, the timing, the environment and way in which they go to sleep, developmental leaps and stages, travel, maternal mood for example.  Another sleep disturber is sickness and teething.  Sickness and teething has an ongoing impact on your child ability to sleep well.  Many children will experience bouts of … read more >

Nightmares and night terrors

It is important for parents to know that sleep disturbances are a normal part of development and are often more difficult for the parent than the child.  During our typical phases of sleep, we all wake up momentarily and have “partial arousals”, it is at this point during sleep that our children can be susceptible … read more >

The Miracle of Parenthood: Mindfulness for Parenting

Parenting is a wonderful mix of happiness, laughter, worry, frustration, joy, fear, excitement, chaos and delight. Mindfulness is core to parenthood because it allows us to be present, awake, aware and connected to the present, to ourselves, our partners, and to our children.

Baby & mum swimming classes

Baby swimming is a lovely activity for Mum to do whilst on maternity leave.  Swimming with your baby isn’t just fun, because of all the skin-to-skin contact, it’s also a terrific bonding activity to enhance the connection between you and your little one.  It is an opportunity to meet and socialise and make new friends … read more >

Gentle Natural Newborn Sleep Tips

Young babies are notoriously bad sleepers and sleepless-children are one of the biggest challenges faced by parents of an otherwise healthy child.  At the start, from birth to around 4-6 months, I would expect most parents to have frequent night time awakenings for feeds and variable naps scattered throughout the course of the daytime.  It … read more >

You’re Pregnant!

Congratulations! You are setting out on the first steps of a very exciting road, and no doubt looking forward to meeting your baby at the end of these 40 weeks of pregnancy.